Packages & Rates

Season Start

Duck season starts on the last Saturday in September and ends December 20th.

The Hunting Experience

For 80 years the Bradley Hunt Club has offered consistently good hunting at our many hunting locations. Duck hunting at the Bradley Hunt Club is always exciting, we work hard to ensure each visitor is successful. Most hunts consist of decoying birds in the marsh, lake shooting, flooded corn or pass shooting in dry corn fields.

The club will try to accommodate any requests for different lengths of stay.

However, the two favorite hunt options are:

  • Afternoon/morning hunts where the hunter(s) stay overnight— $1277.00 per person. Includes accommodations, 2 hunts with guides, all meals, beverages and snacks.
  • Straight half day shoots — $500.00 plus $65.00 (guide fee) plus applicable taxes ( total $638.00)

Bird cleaning is available at an additional cost.

  • Bird Cleaning: Ducks $7.00 each / Geese $10.00 each

Pre-Paid Hunt Packages

Clients can save by pre-paying for their half day hunting experiences. Pay by September 1st: $525.50 – tax, guide and hunt included.

All half day packages are based on two or more hunters.

Should you wish to book a hunt, a $200.00 deposit per hunter will be required to confirm your date.


The Afternoon/Morning Hunt Package

This package allows for an afternoon and a morning shoot with the guests staying overnight in the lodge.

There is a maximum of 3 hunts per week:

  • Monday afternoon/Tuesday morning
  • Wednesday afternoon/Thursday morning
  • Friday afternoon/Saturday morning.


  • Hunters should expect to arrive at noon the first day.
  • Lunch is provided before the afternoon hunt begins around 2pm.
  • Dinner is served approximately one hour after the hunters return.
  • The next morning begins with a continental breakfast, early enough to allow the hunters to be out in the blinds for opening.
  • The morning hunt ends at 11:30 when everyone returns for lunch and departure.

Half-Day shoots are also available.

Rules and Regulations

Guides: All hunting at the club is guided, generally with 2 hunters per guide. All guides have dogs so we prefer guests not to bring their own as it causes confusion. The guides will escort you into the hunting areas, retrieve the birds and inform you of our rules and regulations.

Bag limits: The bag limit is 6 ducks per hunter per day and 2 geese per hunter per day. The birds are cleaned and bagged here at the club.

Guns: We are required to use steel shot here on the property and we restrict the number of shells our guests use to 2 boxes per hunter per day. Guests can purchase shells from the club or may bring their own, but we strongly request that 3-1/2″ shells not be used. We recommend #2 shot for ducks and BB’s for geese.

Note: We do not supply guns.

Licenses: You must have a current hunting license. All licenses can be purchased on-line if you have hunted previously in Ontario. For new hunters to Ontario, the hunter must provide and old or current hunting license from their state of residency.

Guests must also provide their own hunting clothing, waders, and hip boots.

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