4939 Bradley Line
R.R. #1
Pain Court Ontario
Canada N0P 1Z0

P: 519-352-4027
F: 519-354-5410

Welcome to the Bradley Hunt Club

The "Bradley Hunt Club" is an old and respected hunt club that has been in the duck and goose hunting business for over 80 years.

Situated on the south shore of Lake St. Clair in southwestern Ontario, the 3000 acre property rests in the path of the James Bay migratory flyway.

On average, upwards of 50,000 ducks and geese pass through the flyway during the fall hunting season. Ducks and geese find the farm especially attractive and every year we attract thousands, most of which are marsh ducks. Mallard and black duck predominate.

The season starts on the last Saturday in September and ends December 20th. Our hunting consists of flight shooting over corn fields and marsh and lake hunting from blinds. We specialize in pass shooting, as opposed to decoy shooting.

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As well as providing excellent hunting and family-style hospitality, we have a dining hall, accommodations and meeting rooms that make us an excellent place for family reunions and mini-conventions.

Hunters take advantage of an immense flyway for geese and ducks

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